SED_20160303_5738_150The Portrait Stall Sign

The portrait stall sign is my signature piece and the heart of Simply Equine Design. Each sign is made of pine. The edges are hand routered, creating a lovely simple frame for the hand-painted lettering and custom horse portrait. Sign portraits are painted from provided photographs and are only 2″ tall. While the style of lettering remains the same on each sign, custom color outlines are available.

SED_20160506_8419_150The Name Stall Sign

The name sign, or nameplate sign, is a simplified version of the portrait sign. These simple signs are made to offer a unified, elegant look to any barn. The same love and care goes into each name sign as does the portrait sign. Custom lines of text either above or below the name, are standard.

SED2014_1669_150The Woodblock Portrait Ornament

The woodblock portrait ornament features the same look and feel as my stall signs, just in a condensed form. These pieces make spectacular, affordable gifts, and can be hung on your Christmas tree or left up all year round.

SED_20160411_6844The Custom Grooming Set

Each of the brushes in these sets have been specifically chosen for their natural fibers and lasting quality. I use these brushes on my horses every day and love the finishing touch they leave. Grooming sets are completely customizable and can be mixed and matched.

_MG_4142_smThe Portrait

For the discriminating equestrian, I offer larger portraits for wall hanging. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted in acrylic on a pine woodblock. High quality photographs are recommended to achieve life-like portraits. Once complete, these portraits are adorned with a brass name plate.

Pastel portraits are offered as a custom order on a limited bases.


SRound top stall sign available as a custom order.pecial Projects

In addition to my standard products, I also take on special projects or custom orders. If you have a special project in mind I would love to work with you.